Educational ProgramsOnline and Offline Educational Opportunities for Functional Movement and Triathlon pursuits

Triathlon is our vehicle to develop a winning individual... on and off the field of play..
–Shelly O'Brien, Founder - IconOne Multisport, San Antonio, Texas

Ongoing Eduction and Mentorship is Key - for Athletes and Coaches Alike!

Webinars for the Fitness Lifestyle

Webinars for the Fitness Lifestyle

Online Triathlon Training Webinars

Introducing our Exclusive Online Triathlon, Strength and Conditioning, and Functional Movement Training Webinar Program!

  • We realize that time efficiency is very important to all of our clients and athletes, yet so is the opportunity to learn.  IconOne is proud to begin the development of our webinar library as an alternative to traditional classroom learning.
  • Please contact us if you have a topic you’d like us to present.

We look forward to meeting you "online".

Education for Coaches

Education for Coaches

Triathlon Swimmer

Triathlon Coaching is a very demanding profession. We work long hours with increasingly diverse populations and interests. There are heightened demands from athletes, parents, guardians, and other coaches alike. Beyond performance program design (workouts) coaches are required to successfully navigate a variety of roles that may include mentor, educator, technical advisor, psychologist and business manager.

We recognize the overwhelming emotion that may result and offer (2) different self-guided coach mentorship programs.  Either program is designed to compliment a current coaching system, or assist a new coach with development.

Click Here to learn more about the Coach Mentorship Program.

Learn about USAT Level 3 Elite Development Coach, Shelly O’Brien.
IconOne is located in San Antonio, Texas. Contact us to get your child involved in the rewarding sport of triathlon!

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