Strength Training for AthletesAchieve your strength goals by working with an experienced, professional trainer

Strength training should complement, not compromise a quality training program.
–Shelly O'Brien, Founder - IconOne Multisport, San Antonio, Texas

Strength training is an essential element in every athlete’s program design. There are many approaches to and many ways to integrate it into training.

What approach is the best for you?
The program that is tailored to your needs through assessment and we guarantee this will be your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strength Training

FAQ's About Strength Training

Triathlon Swimmer

Are you undecided or unsure if strength training is for you?  We welcome you to review some of the common comments and questions we receive about strength training.

FAQ's and Common Comments

But you only work with triathletes!

IconOne: Absolutely not.

Equestrian Riders, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Swim, Golf, Cyclist, Motor Bike, Formula 1 and many other single sport athletes have all benefited from working with Shelly.

I don’t have time to add strength training to my regimen.

IconOne: Strength training isn’t about working harder or adding more time, it’s about insuring added quality in the time work is done. We strive to understand your schedule, goals, current training, and add value to time allotted.

I don't have interest in joining a gym.

IconOneNo problem.

No gym needed. Once we understand your needs, we provide suggestions that can be done at home or on the road.

I don't want to bulk up.

IconOne: An individualized program is about understanding your goals as related to your body. Synonymous with most people’s perception of strength training, hypertrophy refers to increased muscle bulk and size. This is only one aspect of a sport-specific strength training program and one that should be included for only a select group of athletes. For most athletes however, too much muscle bulk is a hindrance. Consistent monitoring of physical measurements combined with nutritional discussions insure goal achievement without added “bulk”. And remember that a larger muscle is not necessarily a stronger muscle.

I tried strength training and got injured!

IconOne“I don’t need strength training” or “I tried strength training and got injured”

These are unfortunate statements and we provide an effective solution. Every single person needs a BALANCED strength training program.  We guarantee guidance from an experienced, knowledgeable trainer to insure a complimentary program for your needs.

I can’t strength train due to a physical concern or injury.

IconOne: The single greatest limiter to success is giving to physical limitations rather than working through them.  With her degree in Sports Medicine, Shelly understand the human body and has a passion for biomechanic integration.

We encourage you to share your story  and allow her to provide a safe effective program for you.

In San Antonio, TX., all assessments, private training sessions, and group training classes are done in a private training facility located at 12673 Silicon Drive, San Antonio, TX 78249

Learn about USAT Level 3 Elite Development Coach, Shelly O’Brien.
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