Multisport Coaching

Setting Goals – Achieving Success – Realizing Dreams for Triathletes

What is Coaching? The IconOne Definition

IconOne defines coaching as follows:
Valuing the goals of each individual.
Partnering with clients in a supportive, creative process to improve performance.
Providing direction through assessment, consistent feedback, and ongoing honest communication.
Expecting a high standard of applied experience, education, and client investment of all IconOne staff and associated professionals.
Celebrating individual achievement and success.

Who Seeks Coaching from IconOne?

Everyone … When they are ready.

We work with youth and juniors, beginners to experienced, supersprint to ironman athletes, pre and post injury, single sport, nutritional counseling, strength development, sport professionals, and Olympic development.

We often hear that one is not good enough, or not in shape enough, or other reasons of doubt expression. If any of these are your thoughts, then please accept our welcome gesture! We are excited to work with every person who seeks guidance.

Are you an experienced athlete ready to go the next level? No problem. Age-group and draft legal elites are always welcome. We have a long history of success nationally and internationally.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us to share your story, goals, and performance dreams. We promise to listen and help you develop a winning plan for personal best achievements.

Individual programs, group sessions, camps, and clinics are offered. Please check out the associated IconOne pages for adult and youth/junior development. In addition, our Blog and Facebook pages are updated regularly.

Also – check out the testimonials we’ve received from parents and athletes.