Adult Multisport ProgramsAn a la carte menu of services for Adult Triathletes

Triathlon is our vehicle to develop a winning individual... on and off the field of play..
–Shelly O'Brien, Founder - IconOne Multisport, San Antonio, Texas

Individual Programs & Individual Consultations
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About Adult Multisport

About Adult Multisport

Adult triathlete Coaching from IconOne Multisport

Adult Training with IconOne is an a la carte menu depending on your goals and interests. Coach Shelly began in coaching multisport in 1998 and has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their goals and she looks forward to helping you!

Are you working with a multisport coach but would like to have a video assessment, nutrition consultation, strength or single sport assessment? No problem, Coach Shelly is comfortable working with you and your coach to help with your goals.

Training and Consultation Options

Individual Coaching

All Individual programs include an extensive athlete assessment beginning with a multiple page questionnaire followed by an individual consultation, personal goals outline, overall training plan design and ultimately daily training development.

Throughout the duration of training, each IconOne coached athlete meets with Coach Shelly either in person (local athletes) or via online (skype, facetime, or google) 1x/week.

Includes unlimited emails and online training software.

Limited availability to insure quality of each program. Contact Us if interested.

Individual Consultations

Need help with a specific challenge or question but don’t want to commit to a program? No problem, you can schedule an appointment for an individual consultation.

Potential Reasons individuals contact Shelly (Cost $75/50min):

  • Choosing a race,
  • Race season review
  • Choosing a coach
  • Coach mentorship
  • Incorporating strength training
  • Overcoming a personal challenge
  • Identifying barriers to success
  • Equipment Choices
  • Travel
  • Triathlon program development
  • Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Goal Setting
  • Training in the Heat

Swim Group Training

IconOne Triathlon Swimmer

MWF. 5:00am-6:00am. UTSA Chisholm Hall

Offered year round

Cost: $75/month with performance progression guaranteed

All ages, abilities, and interests are welcome. We have national caliber and entry level swimmers all training together. It’s only a small token of what makes our swim program uniquely successful.

All practices have a USAT Level 3 Elite Development Coach on deck and all training is specific to multisport interests and needs.

Workouts may be individualized even in a group setting. With training consistency, it is guaranteed that you will progress. ALL athletes are video-taped regularly and specific recommendations are a mainstay in practice.

Cycling Skills and Track Workouts

IconOne Triathlete RacesBeginning in March and continuing throughout the summer interested adults may join the team for run specific and bike specific training. Please visit the calendar for upcoming training options, dates and times. (Cost: $50/month)

Run: Wed

Alternate track workout with Brackenridge Zoo run. Track workouts will feature specific skill integration and intensity appropriate to the needs of the individual. Video taping and specific suggestions will be offered to every participant.

Bike and Bricks

Iconone triathlon runner

Offered every Saturday except a designated race weekend. Workouts are very skill specific and focus on each rider developing confidence while riding. Often, bike/run or bricks will be the workout of the day.

Strength Training

Strength Training

At the heart of performance is a strong, integrated, powerful athlete. Let IconOne’s experienced strength and conditioning coach help you enroute to achieving your goals.

Individual sessions or classes offered specific to the multisport athlete. Please visit the strength training page or contact us if you have questions.

Learn about USAT Level 3 Elite Development Coach, Shelly O’Brien.
IconOne is located in San Antonio, Texas. Contact us to get involved in the rewarding sport of triathlon!

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