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Always striving to be the best we can be, we’re training together and winning together!
–Shelly O'Brien, Founder - IconOne Multisport

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What is Multisport?

A multisport race is a family of athletic competitions in which athletes race in a continuous series of stages or “legs”, and rapidly switch from one athletic discipline to another in order to achieve the best overall time. Most multisport events are endurance races, consisting of aerobic activities such as cycling, running and swimming.

Elite Triathlon and Fitness Coaching

Success doesn’t come easy. It takes dedication, hard work and great coaching to achieve winning results.

IconOne is a community of athletes led by an experienced, knowledgeable and highly respected coaching staff that has achieved highest honors in sport by USA Triathlon, fitness Industry leaders and the individuals who have remained members of the team for decades. We are winners; we are achievers and we welcome all who endeavor the same.

What is winning? It’s an attitude, it’s an outlook, it’s a value and moral code, it’s determined by each and every person in the moment.

The IconOne Mantra

Don’t wait for the right moment to make a difference. Invent the moment and do all you must to make it the winning difference

Triathlon Coaching.

Strength & Conditioning Training

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Head Coach

IconOne Multisport is the run by Head Coach, Shelly O’Brien of San Antonio Texas. Shelly is a USA Triathlon Level 3 Elite Development Coach. You can learn more about Shelly here.


We can tell you all about the great things we do – but sometimes it’s better to hear about it from others. We have some great testimonials, which you’ll find, here.

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