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IconOne strives to be the best. Whether we’re coaching the next world class triahtlete or helping seniors with strength and conditioning, our aim is to always exceed expectations.

But, don’t take our word for it – We have some amazing testimonials to back up us up. Check out what our clients are saying

From a Parent


Thank you for a great triathlon season. I want to mention a few specifics I am grateful for. First of all, thank you for laughing! One of the coaches at San Diego was telling her athletes to let their “anger” motivate them for the race. Yikes! I am glad you have a different philosophy. You managed to combine intense workouts, great race preparation, and FUN.

Also, thanks for helping Em with nutrition. I appreciated your one-on-one instruction, as well as the teaching at Select Camp. I’m glad you made her turn in a record of what she was eating. I think it made a difference in her performance. The races were so exciting to watch, and I enjoyed seeing Emily improve.

Thank you for having Emily on the team!

–T. Bomersbach, Parent

From Athletes

I would like to offer my perspective on the value of working with a USAT certified coach for beginner athletes or people who are already very active but are just delving into the sport of triathlon as beginners. I have only been working with my coach, Shelly O’Brien, for a little over a month and already the value has been immeasurable. First, let me start with a persistent IT Band injury that I have been battling for almost 2 years without much success; in just a few short weeks Shelly diagnosed the underlying cause and started addressing it with a strength routine, combined with a training routine that did not aggravate it, that has lifted me out of the injury loop which I was not able to accomplish on my own or with professionals (doctors and physical therapists) who only addressed the problem one-dimensionally.

On a training basis, Shelly has injected a huge amount of confidence in my training. In my last season of training, also my first, I found myself constantly questioning what workout I needed to do. Do I need to run or bike today? How far should I go? Did I go too far or not far enough? Not to mention I avoided my weakest discipline, the swim, out of frustration. At the start of my first race, all I could think of was “am I really ready?” I know in my upcoming races I will not have the doubt and lack of confidence that comes from not having a good training plan and will be able to concentrate on the race itself. The training plans are diverse, fun, and include routines I would never dream of doing on my own. Shelly’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience has changed my swim, and my desire to swim, my biomechanics in all disciplines have improved tremendously and overall it has become fun to train and I am excited to be at the start line of my upcoming races.

–S. Alaoui, Triathlete

I wanted to let you know that I have heard, read, and been instructed in so many different ways on swim technique over the past 7 years with regard to breathing (back wall, ceiling, 4 and 7pm…) pulling (“S”, midline, …) ‘open water’ technique, eye direction, almost every aspect of technique.

I am relieved to discover what I now consider ‘the gold standard’ (your/USAT manual) for swim technique, and began to apply these new ideas throughout my Monday swim workout.  It was difficult! to pull laterally, and for this I thank you.  It forced me to keep those things I need to continue working on, ‘reach’ and ‘rotation’ in mind with each stroke.

I appreciate the knowledge you shared during your presentations.

–Terry Woods

From a National Skills Camp "Mom"

Thank you all so much!! On the way home Milla said it was the “Best Week of her Life.” She chatted the whole 3 hours home about all she learned and accomplished.

We are both inspired and empowered to train better and continue to have fun doing it. I’m so grateful to have you all as mentor’s. I will be your biggest PR for this camp!!

Milla is looking forward to next year. Anytime you need a volunteer coach I’m there!!

We miss you all too!!


From Adult Triathlon Camp Participants


Thank you so much to you and Shelly. I had an amazing time. I have been to several conferences – professional and triathlon – this was by far my most favorite! I appreciate the punctuality of each of the sessions and allowing some sessions to go a bit longer if needed.

I can tell you and Shelly make a wonderful team and I wish you much success in the future. I look forward to attending future seminars and I hope to bring some of my fellow triathletes from the Naples area.

Take care and thanks again for holding such an amazing event!

–Cindy Myers

Loryn and Shelly,

Thank you both again for an amazing weekend; I honestly enjoyed every minute of the seminar and learned so much from both of you. You are an amazing team and the seminar was so organized. I am sure every person left energized and loaded with new ideas and concepts. I for one realized that I need to reset, loose the trash workouts and be PATIENT.  (:  Shelly- I totally get it now and cannot wait to start working with you; you are without a doubt the most dynamic speaker I have ever had the opportunity to listen too!

-Scott Ersland

From USA Triathlon Coach Certification Attendees

Hello Shelly,
I wanted to thank you for some great presentations in your time with us at the St. Croix Course. I loved your information, energy, and insight into the world of coaching triathlon. I have been a long time coach of youth, college, and professional soccer, but my passion kept leading me to working in the world of multisport. So, I thoroughly enjoyed your insight as an elite professional triathlete and coach.

–Kelly Lindsey

Hi Shelly,

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you for providing an excellent program.

As a lifelong athlete and avid soccer player and coach, triathlon is relatively new to me. In addition to a number of Olympic Distance races, I’ve completed two 70.3’s and did my first full IM in Lake Placid last year. I will be doing the IM 70.3 Hawaii and the IM Wisconsin later this year.

I have always held the highest respect for people who master any given subject and are prepared to share that knowledge with others. I enjoy teaching, and joined this class because I wanted to be sure that the information I was passing along to others – who look to me for guidance – was correct. I think to do otherwise is irresponsible and dangerous. I am acutely aware that these athletes are putting their live in our hands. I have see a person die at an event and that image has stuck with me ever since.

I was humbled by amount of information that was presented last week. You did a wonderful job in putting it together.

I look forward to seeing you at another seminar

– Ted Adams, III

Coach Shelly O’Brien:

Thank you so much for lecturing at the USAT coaching clinic I attended last weekend in Denver.  I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I learned a lot from your talk and appreciate your coaching philosophy.  You remind me a lot of my coach!  Maybe you lectured at his coaching clinic too.  If you did, thank you, because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the person or athlete I am today.

Hopefully I will see you again in November for the Youth and Junior Certification.  I am looking forward to learning more from you.

— Mollie Brewer

Shelly is FABULOUS! She truly represents a great coach and teacher. She catered to all learning styles and made her presentations interactive, which helps the learning process. I really appreciated the fact that she presented the “facts” and not as many training opinions. She encouraged students to formulate their own ideas and opinions based on knowledge and continued growth and learning. I found this to be very inspiring. Thank you, Shelly!

–USAT Coach Certification Attendee

I wish we had more time with her. I was dreading a whole day with one presenter, but she was awesome. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get through all of her material. the visuals were great!

— USAT Coach Certification Attendee

From an Ironman Finisher

I want to thank you again for all you did in getting me across the finish line in Chattanooga. From unable to walk to an Ironman in less than 18 months, you my friend are the BOMB!!

–Arnie Lachner, Triathlete and Finisher 2014 IronMan Chattanooga

From the USA Triathlon SMW Regional Council Chair


It was quite an eye-opener listening to the other Council Chairs across the Nation this past weekend at a meeting in Minneapolis regarding their relationship with their RADC.  It reminded me once again how much I appreciate your professionalism and the fantastic relationship you have with the Regional Council. I am very grateful for your patience.


From a Weight Loss Client

Hi Shelly:

This is Ciro, a priest with the diocese of San Bernardino.  I attended your nutrition classes last year at MTM. I never had the chance to thank you personally for all the good info we received from you. It made a big difference in my life. I  lost 25 pounds during my staying at MTM and my body fat experienced a serious decrease. While in San Antonio I run the half Marathon in 2:08 and I just finished this morning the Anchorage Marathon in a personal best of 4:28 with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society Team in Training.

I hope you are doing well and that you continue with the classes at MTM giving priests, brothers, and sisters the good tools that they need to live healthier lives. I am about to start a new assignment as pastor of a small parish in Victorville, CA.

Stay well,

-Fr. Ciro Lianati